Wednesday, November 11, 2009

reasons why I love SF*

* may not be reasons unique to the city.

i) Overhearing this:
Non-descript middle-aged guy feeding his dogs treats: They're entirely vegetarian!
Non-descript mid-thirties woman with dog: Good for you!

ii) The bus stops have maps on that show all the bus routes in the area, plotted out on a map. Also at the corner of every street the name of the street is engraved in the pavement. And the buses have an LED sign inside that tells you what the next stop is.

iii) Every restaurant menu has at least four different salads. Usually around six.

Reasons I do not like this city
i) too many homeless people
ii) You can't actually see the bison in Golden Gate Park. I walked for kilometres (literally) to go check out the bison fields, because I thought it was hilarious that they have bison roaming in part of the SF equivalent of Central Park. I saw lots of electric fencing, and rolling green fields, and no bison.

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