Sunday, November 8, 2009

okay, dinner update.

We went to Farmer Brown's - a soul food restaurant that particularly sources their food from local, organic, African American farmers.

My god. I am so full I had to take a photograph of my food-baby. Hel-lo facebook profile pic!

Anyway: Mark had crawfish and shrimp with grits, and I had cornmeal crusted catfish with candied yams, garlic beans and hush puppies. And their equivalent of the 'bread' you get before your meal was little sweet cornbread muffins with a scoop of mixed strawberry jam and unsalted butter. Americans really like mixing up their sweet and savoury.

Anyway, it was awesome. Tomorrow's mission includes finding a good Southern cookbook in Borders. I bought some canned chipotle chillies today at Bi-Rite so I can make some good Mexican - now I want to make good cornbread.

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