Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I have little to report since yesterday (more shopping, see). I ate a grilled cheese on sourdough sandwich at Boudin's. I understand the joy of toasted cheese sandwiches now. I think it has something to do with the orange American cheese.

Last night we ate at Millennium restaurant - a relatively swanky organic, local vegan restaurant a couple of blocks from us. If I had their chef at my disposal, I could easily be vegan! Yuuuum! I had a salad of wilted spinach, fingerling potatos, golden beets and crispy hickory-smoked tofu with apple cider dressing. Mark had some Indian-inspired cauliflower-chickpea stack-thing.... dessert was seasonal ice-cream. There was a lime sorbet (tasted lime flavoured, but very different to our limes. I'm wondering if it was key lime or something); peanut butter and strawberry jam 'ice-cream' (the peanuts lending the creamy texture), and the crowning glory - raw 'ice-cream' in huckleberry cashew flavour (the cashews giving the creamy texture). Yuuuuum! I'm a total convert to the vegan nut-based icecreams! The huckleberry was all purple and tart, but the cashews meant there was this really sweet, creamy aftertaste.

Today I think I'm going to wander round Golden Gate Park. They have a Shakespeare Garden there, which has all 150 plants mentioned in Shakespeare's works. An odd idea, but cool.

Tomorrow we have our Alcatraz tour, Friday we might go to Berkeley, and Saturday is reserved for the Ferry Market Building (giant farmer's market) and MOMA.

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